News about Stephane Aknin

For the one who have doubts about who is Stephane Aknin, let me give you some update : GNM doesn’t exist anymore Fraudulent bankrupt ?? maybe
So now he run a company named: UNICOM ASIA INVESTMENT ltd with adress in UK ,  Hong-Kong , and France but now he use the name of a new person: Mr Christian Ferrari they also run online poker from UK based company it’s illegal in france without serious registration.
So let say after close one company he open several , and (or try) sell tractor,  mobile phone , watch replica, online poker, and only god who know what else more they are doing.

all is surely for escape the  French tax office, but not in cleaver way as any body  going to denounce this to the french minister of finance and he will surely finish behind the bars.

i let you judge who is really Stephane Aknin,be noted than from 2007 (the case with him arrive) we never see any lawyer or something else like this even police guy  and all our number, personal and company address, or name haven’t change. Especially in Singapore where Police and Justice can’t be corrupted.

PS: Thanks Marc for the useful informations.